Docking Satellite at Leeds SABOTAGED!!!!!!

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Docking Satellite at Leeds SABOTAGED!!!!!! Empty Docking Satellite at Leeds SABOTAGED!!!!!!

Post  Some Junker on Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:24 am

Well ok maybe not all that but if you dock there it will let you BUUUUUUUUHT if you try and leave it will have some kind of fit and kick you resulting in either your ship never docked in the first place or my personal favorite being sent adrift right off the side of the planet with your engine placed where your thumb is going to be....where you dont want it for those that missed that anyway just thought i should issue a warning so other people dont make the mistake of docking at that death trap but by the looks of the forum this has been a reoccurring theme and that is a tad disturbing
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