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Post  HighGuard on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:03 pm

Fighter Follies FFA

Bring your fighter to Conn and join the fun. Any fighter, any weapons. 100 million for entering, winner takes home 500 mill and second takes home 300 mill. You get paid just to show up and get killed!! Event is held inside the racetrack.

When: Sundays 4PM EST
Where: Connecticut
Rules: FFA. Kill them all. Bats/Bots not allowed.
Ships: Fighters only. Any fighter, any weapons.

Winner: 500 mill
Second: 300 mill
Entry: 100 mill

BONUS of 100 mill to the player/s with the most kills. If more than 3 players.

Please show up 15 min early. All ships will be scanned before the event.

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