HG's free jump coordinates

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HG's free jump coordinates

Post  HighGuard on Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:27 pm


ALABAMA - FA02496B-60EFC989-59010E74-A6676077-AB58BC72-C34A267B-6369A571
ALASKA - DB01590E-762BC4B1-75BBEB75-050EA8F4-8B14766B-46432461-6361F27E
ALBERTA - 0901400D-768FC591-8C8FF3F5-2071B576-D54E51E8-52422461-6361F27E
AUVERGNE - 3001A650-36579290-AB4F64F0-4D9DB16E-DB8B3FF1-7E4D736E-0036F67E
BAFFIN - 89FFF505-79BEEDAE-ABB7B475-59325874-A3E5AFA5-D64C737B-3364F177
BERING - 37031828-7DA3BFDF-D4B49320-5A0B2072-5ADE3471-484E7766-3332EE70
BRAUNSCHWEIG - BE010B3A-A5A3C795-F6BF0A76-8189517B-85560D77-50464230-3568F073
BREMEN - FFFF562C-B7D3C497-1952A372-3D9C9820-88EC9725-D9187535-3161FB46
BURGUNDY - 1401002A-38339BDF-E2D98DA0-D53EEE72-C7755CF3-814C7766-3332EE70
CALIFORNIA - 8000F51F-2BDFC49A-DCB55C76-DF31AF27-49E66F73-2CB3207B-3662FA73

Every month I'll post 10 free. The rest are up to you.

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