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Spectre perma banned Empty Spectre perma banned

Post  HighGuard on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:55 am

If I bust my ass helping a player out who demands attention everytime I'm on the server I do not expect them to bad mouth me behind my back and then try to steal players while putting me down.

I helped him get his 3 bases in position and spent DAYS doing it because he gave me the wrong numbers. He blamed me for it until I used my own numbers. He told me he was trying to set up his own server and kept trying to get me to send him my edited files. I don't care if you want to play here or on another server, just do NOT expect me to tolerate you bad mouthing me for helping you while you do it. And my files are my files. You want to start your own server, edit your own and don't try getting mine.

I also put up with him saying he was quitting the server at least once a week if he couldn't get what he wanted. And I gave him almost everything he wanted. Including adjusting his mining zones.

SONE!!!! No more. You want to run your mouth you can go elsewhere! Perma-banned.

***Just because you donate to the server doesn't mean you get extra rights above everyone else. I Thank players for donations but they are not required. I will NOT put donations above other players so if you feel you haven't got enough for your money, sorry. Fair is fair for everyone, not just those who pay. You have been blocked on GC as well by me so You cannot message me there either. Have fun on your next server.


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