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Post  HighGuard on Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:31 pm


1.0 Keep fair play in mind. This is a game! If you get upset, step away. If you make a mistake, apologize. If you wish to remain in system after you die, or after someone has moved away, ask.

1.1 Discovery USA Non-RP is a Non-ROLE PLAYING SERVER. Role playing is encouraged but not REQUIRED while playing here.

Server administrators are: HighGuard

1.2 Server administrators will impose sanctions on players for violating server rules and for any actions that harm server game play.

2. Cheating & Hacking

2.1 Following actions are considered cheating on server:

- Using non-Discovery mods, speed-related and loot-related mods especially, as well as using modifications that improve stats of items and ships;
- Changing account information and using any kinds of software that changes normal gameplay.
- Using any equipment not included for sale/looting in Discovery mod.
- Using equipment that exceeds ship specs.
- Cloning, e.g. creating new characters to collect starting money.
- "Suicide Trading".

2.2 Threats or attempts to hack server, both successful and unsuccessful, will result in banning your server accounts forever, as well as blocking access to the server and forums.

3. Rules of conduct

3.1 Using coarse language, posting abusive, hateful, racist content in chat, public or private is prohibited under any circumstances. Any kind of flaming, threatening or insulting language directed at other members, factions or server administrators in chat, public or private, is prohibited on server and on forums. RP-related threats are allowed on the server.

3.2 All messages in system chat must be in understandable English.

3.3 Out-of-character (OOC) chat may be used in system or local chat but is not encouraged. Admins are free to communicate with any player at any time.

3.4 Threatening other players with reports and sanctions, attempting to pose as an Admin and using an Admin's name without permission is not allowed.

3.5 Names of new characters should be set up with role-playing nature of our server in mind. This means that:

- Names should contain no swear words.
- Country of player origin must not be used in character names.
- Names with excessive use of random symbols, capital letters, numbers, symbols, leet speak, emoticons should not be used.

3.6 If you see someone who is cheating or breaking the rules, contact HighGuard by PM. Posting in the forum will get you in trouble. No drama in the forums. Wink


4.1 Use English Only: All players must be able to understand you, and you must be able to understand other players. Do not use non-Latin characters; they can cause problems with the server's behavior. ALL symbols will be removed from your name once it is seen by the ADMINS.

4.2: Profanity: No profanity or mature/inappropriate topics are allowed in either public or private chat.

4.3 Roleplaying: RP in chat is preferred, but optional.

4.3.a: RP Chatting: Players do not need to chat "in-character," though it is encouraged. It is not necessary to use marks such as "OOC" or "//" to distinguish out-of-character chat from in-character chat.

5: Ships, Technology, Travel, IDs, and IFFs

5.1 No restrictions so have fun mixing and matching.

6: Combat and PvP

6.1 Absolutely no shooting any ship under level 50 unless they shoot you first. You may shoot them if they enter your clan system without permission and refuse to leave the way they came in.

6.2 Disconnecting from the server in a PvP fight to escape, as well as in any other situation that involves player interaction, is not allowed. If you lose server connection during a player interaction, you should get back in game quickly to continue the interaction, with the other player's permission. If that is not possible, then post on the forums and PM the players involved. F1 from combat could result in the loss of everything on that character and have the character reset to starflier.

6.3 Freighters/Transports/Miners may ask to be left alone and remove themselves from the system they were killed AFTER they are killed or if they choose to run and make it out of the system. They must leave that system for 2 hours and may not be re-engaged until those 2 hours have passed but ONLY IF THEY REQUEST IT IN OPEN CHAT. Docking just delays your death.

6.4 All other ships over the legal limit, No restrictions. Open season. You fly, you die. Smile

7. Connecticut/Pennsylvania

7.1 Pennsylvania is a non-pvp system. There will be NO shooting other players.

8.Forum Rules:

8.1 Plain and simple. Play nice. If you know you shouldn't do it...don't

8.2 Only 1 forum account per player. You MUST have a game character matching your forum name to play.

9. Player Bases

9.1 Anyone may have a player base.

9.2 You may not locate a POB base within 20 k of any Jump gate/hole, dockable planet or station. Pennsylvania is off-limits for base building due to the system having a no-shoot restriction in the files.

9.2 You may not block access to mining fields with a POB. Keep them 20k outside the mineable area.

10. Official Factions

10.1 Official factions MUST have 3 unique members to become official and claim a system. Systems will cost 1.5 BILLION for processing fees.

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